Quick overnighter to Over Phawhope bothy….salami included

The fire-lickin' dawg

The fire-lickin’ dawg

Myself, Mr Cunningham, my 19 yr old son Jamie and Pepa the Border Collie decided it was a good idea to meet up & do a quick bike-in along the 8 miles or so of minor road/forest track from Ettrick up to the bothy one friday evening in September….bad idea!! ¬†When we eventually met up around 5pm the rain was lashing down and typically NOT according to the forecast which predicted the usual “intermittent showers etc etc….” ….you know the scenario?

So….after a quick pow-wow and the obvious realisation that we were gonna get freaking soaked (no point eating wet salami is there?) & despite having all our wet weather gear we made the executive ‘wimp-out’ decision & drove as far as we could go which was about 7 of the 8 afforementioned miles up the road/track, parked our greenhouse gas-emitting mode(s) of transport and furiously pedalled the remaining 1 mile (yeh, twas a toughie) to the bothy. As Brucie used to say “points mean prizes….alwight my luv?” but suffice to say we didn’t even earn enough to get a toaster with this one!
Well, despite our extreme wimpiness we ended up having said bothy to ourselves, and it began to seem pretty bloody obvious there weren’t any other nerks stupid enough to be out’n’aboot on a night like that, so we started to regain some our macho-outdoor-manliness whilst enjoying all the wonderful bothy comforts we could conjour up, not least a cracking fire (Gromit) and food & drink…oh yeah, drink :))
So while Pepa settled down to her standard bothy routine of licking the fire (yep!) the whole night, we danced & sang (…ok, so we gassed on about outdoor gear, chopped wood and got tiddly) & eventually bedded down to enjoy what was quite a reasonable night’s sleep, awakening to a bright morning and yep, the bloody rain had finally stopped!!
Ok, so it was a just a relatively quick few hours overnighting but still managed to give us a quick-fix of isolation & wilderness (if you don’t count the fact the cars were just a mile away)
Almost forgot, did i mention about the frying pan/dodgy handle/spicy out-of-date salami sausage with bothy fire bucket flavour?? Well, it seemed like good idea at the time, especially after a few brandy’s & why waste good food?

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All routes have a little short text and some links.

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Routes 1-6

Routes 1-6 now have a basic map and details.

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Menu Widget added!

For all you Android users.

It may be easier for you to select items from the right panel menu tree!

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Basic info on mapping used in this blog.

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Route List started………………………..

I have started a list of all routes.

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Gallery added!

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Completed Trips – From Blair Atholl through the Giack Pass to Insh and return via Glen Feshie and Glen Tilt ( 3 Days \ 2 Nights ) ( 28th-30th September 2013 )

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